New Chinese Architecture at CA’ASI

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The Twelfth Venice Biennale of Architecture, with "people meet in architecture" as the theme, is undoubtedly the best chance for presenting to the western world the not-well-known works of young Chinese architects. Specifically for this purpose, French AS Architecture Studio set up CA'ASI Architecture Arts Association. Its CA'ASI Art Gallery located in new Santa Maria Square in Venice hosted the 2010 CA'ASI Chinese New Architectural Exhibition, providing a platform for the exchange and dialogue between the eastern and western architects.

This exhibition works solicitation has aroused wide attention from Chinese architects around the world, and received the works of more than 150 young and middle-aged architects and students majoring in building profession in Mainland China, Hong Kong, the United States, UK, France, Australia and other countries and regions. All works of candidates are to be included into the official works catalog of this exhibition.

After the strict and intense four-round appraisal in Paris, the international judging panel appraised excellent works from a total of 11 Chinese architects and students around the world. Their works cover the thought on several issues in the current architecture field. These works are to be exhibited in Venice CA'ASI Art Gallery from September 25 to November 21, 2010.

The first three winners in each class of award includes:

• First Prize Dong Gong Vector Architects (Beijing)
• Second Prize Liu Yichun Atelier DeSHaus (Shanghai)
• Third Prize Wang Zhenfei HHD_FUN (Beijing Branch)

WSP Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd won the special prize of this contest.

In addition, there are seven selected architects who will bring their works to this exhibition. The list of name is as follows (in alphabetical order):

Bai Yang (Architect) Beijing Didian Design Studio—Beijing
Fu Xiao (Professor) College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Nanjing University—Nanjing
Meng Jianmin Architecture Studio—Shenzhen
Ruan Hao (Student) School of Architecture at Princeton University—Princeton, the United States
Shen Mengcen (Student) Shanghai University—Shanghai
Wang Yaohua (Student) Southern California Institute of Architecture—Los Angeles, the United States
Zhang Yichi (Architect) Zaha Hadid Architects - Beijing

The competition winners will be invited to participate in the award ceremony to be hosted by French School of Architecture in Paris, France on September 22, and the exhibition opening ceremony hosted in Venice on September 25. The president of the French School of Architecture and some officials from the French government officials and the Chinese Embassy will attend the award ceremony in Paris.

This activity has obtained the full-range sponsorship from the France-based Lafarge Group, and won the strong support of network media, such as AREA,

CA'ASI Architecture Arts Association and the French AS Architecture Studio offer hearty congratulations to the winners and participants for obtaining the good results in this works solicitation activity! The sponsor also expresses heartfelt thanks to all friends who are concern about and participate in this works solicitation activity. We hope that in the near future, we can see more and more works from new Chinese architects on the world stage!

Results Unveiled