ASI.Architecture Studio Italie: CA’ASI

ASI is an independent company with Italian headquarters aimed at promoting dialogue around contemporary architecture by means of a specific cultural venue, Campiello Santa Maria Nova in Venice.
CA’ASI will thus:
- Welcome exhibitions and seminars, especially to promote the young architects and artists.
- Publish and spread guests ideas through publications and touring exhibitions
- Provide accommodation for its guests.

Architecture Studio

Based on collective work and shared knowledge, Architecture-Studio aims to favour dialogue and debate, to transform individual knowledge into increased creative potential.

Architecture-Studio is a French architecture practice based in Paris, Shanghai, Beijing and Venice. Today, it includes 150 architects, urban planners, landscape and interior designers of 25 different nationalities, with 12 partners: Martin Robain, Rodo Tisnado, Jean-François Bonne, Alain Bretagnolle, René-Henri Arnaud, Laurent-Marc Fischer, Marc Lehmann, Roueïda Ayache, Gaspard Joly, Marie-Caroline Piot, Mariano Efron, Romain Boursier and Widson Monteiro.

From the very beginning, the practice has believed in the virtues of exchange, crossing ideas, common effort, shared knowledge and enthusiasm.
Architecture-Studio believes in a socially engaged architecture. This approach is nourished by the numerous worldwide achievements made over the last forty years, and by a constant attention to the quality of public spaces and new uses.
The ecological city is a matter of fundamental research for Architecture-Studio: the practice has been working for almost thirty years on original and practical solutions to challenge the major urban issues of the twenty-first century.

The Grand Auditorium of la Maison de la Radio, The European Parliament in Strasbourg, the cultural hub of Saint-Malo, the Novancia Business School, the restructuring of Jussieu University Campus, but also the Arab World Institute, Créteil’s Cathedral or the urban and architectural design of Montpellier’s Park Marianne district stand among Architecture-Studio’s achievements in France.
The international presence of Architecture-Studio is particularly strong in China and in the Middle-East. The Tibet Natural Science Museum in Lhasa, the Jinan Cultural Centre, the 2010 World Expo master plan in Shanghai, the National Theatre of Bahrain, the Amman Rotana Hotel Tower in Jordan or the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens. Architecture-Studio is currently working on the landscape Design of Lusail’s public spaces in Qatar, the new University Hospital Centre of Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe or the iconic Nanterre La Folie train station for the “Grand Paris Express”. Architecture-Studio has recently released a 3D simulator of the sustainable city for Santiago, Chile.

Architecture-Studio has always wanted to involve architects and artists of different generations and nationalities, in order to question urban planning and architecture. In 2009, the practice has created the CA'ASI in the Palazzo Santa Maria Nova in Venice. Open to architects, urban planners, landscape designers, artists, writers, philosophers, etc., the CA'ASI is a think tank for urban, architectural and artistic reflections. It aims to make the professional debate accessible through the organisation of exhibitions, conferences and events.