Architecture-Studio has always wanted to gather architects and artists from different backgrounds in order to think a way to build a city, to highlight young generations and to share experiences.
The CA’ASI was thus founded in 2009 in Venice, as a cultural venue dedicated to urban planning, architecture and contemporary art. It is settled in the Palazzo Santa Maria Nova in Venice, nearby Rialto and Palazzo Boldù.
It is open to all those who want to share, dialog, confront their ideas and make professional debate available for everyone.

Conceived as a “venue” open to all those who love contemporary architecture, CA’ASI is a large laboratory of urban, architectural and artistic reflection, which is cleverly staged by means of exhibitions.

Architects, urban planners, landscape designers, designers, photographers, stage designers, writers and philosophers find here not only the necessary tools (in order) to share their ideas and experiments, but also accommodation during the exhibitions and events.

The CA’ASI benefits from the incredible cultural dynamism and creativity of Venice and strives, through its programming, to echo, enrich and interact with the Architecture and Arts Biennales which bring together, a vibrant, curious, and multi-cultural audience every year.