Young Arab Architects Competition

CA’ASI – Istituto del mondo arabo


The international jury for the « Young Arab Architects » competition gathered in Paris on Tuesday, May 29th 2012. Over 140 architects from Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Sudan, Qatar and Libya submitted their projects. After reviewing applications, three winners tied for first place and twelve selected entries were also awarded, including a special mention. The projects will be displayed in Venice and in Paris.

The three winners are :
• Tarik Oualalou (Kilo Architectures) from Rabat, Morocco, for the project « Volubilis Archeological Museum ».
• Chamss Oulkadi from Agadir, Morocco, working with Khalid Ait El Madani for the project « Memorial, history of
a destroyed city ».
• Youssef Tohme (Y.Tohme / Architects & associates) from Beirut, Lebanon, for the project « Campus for
innovation, economics and sport ».

The honorable mentions go to :
• Saba Al Muhtaseb, working with Wala’a Mazahreh and Yaman Amr, Jordan, for the project « The living voids »
• Khalid Al Najjar, UAE, for the project « Code Business Tower »
• Aziz Alqatami, Kuweit, for the project « Atelier Aziz Alqatami »
• Marwan Basmaji, Lebanon, for the project « Barbar temples visitor center »
• Aimad El Kanit, Morocco, for the project « Solar park in Tinghir »
• Meriam Ghandi, Morocco, for the project « Building with the villagers »
• Hind Oudrhiri, Morocco, for the project « Vague(s) »
• Nivine Ibeche, Syria, for the project « Alif, LAM, Body : between body and Damascus, an architectural dialogue »
• Paul Kaloustian, Lebanon, for the project « House in a forest »
• Driss Kettani, working with Saad El Kabbaj and Mohamed Amine Siana, Morocco, for the project « Multidisciplinary faculty of Taroudant »
• Ahmad Tehlawi, Syria, for the project « Alkelania district archeological site »
• A special mention was awarded to Meriam Guerba and Wydad Tedjini Bailiche, and Yamina Esma Tebib and Fatima Benmenni for their respective graduation projects conducted under the direction of Mohamed Adel Souami, professorat the Polytechnical School of Architecture and Urbanism (EPAU) in Algiers. They are all graduates from the EPAU.

The jury included :
• Dominique Alba (Architect, Director of Atelier Parisien d’Urbanisme - APUR),
• Roueïda Ayache (Architect),
• Rasem Badran (Architect),
• Farrokh Derakhshani (Director of Aga Khan Award),
• Frédéric Edelmann (Journalist at Le Monde newspaper),
• Mona Khazindar (General Director of the Arab World Institute),
• Mohamed-Larbi Merhoum (Architect),
• Martin Robain (Architect),
• Amar Sabeh El Leil (Architect),
• Elias Sanbar (Writer, Ambassador of Palestine at UNESCO),
• Laurent Théry (Managing Director of Euralille).

After the competition, winners and participants with honorable mentions are invited to present their project in an exhibition at the CA’ASI, AS.Architecture-Studio’s Common House in Venice, as part of the 13th Architecture Biennale, from August 28th to October 14th 2012, then in an extended exhibition at the Arab World Institute in the context of its 25th anniversary, from October 15th 2012 to February 3rd 2013.

The projects are representative and exemplary. They open new perspectives. Youssef Tohme with his project « Campus for innovation, economics and sport », located in Beirut, shows us how the symbiosis in between tradition and modernity can redefine the architectural space, by giving it a new breath of life that also carries innovation. « Volubilis Archeological Museum » by Tarik Oualalou displays simple and rigorous lines. The selected materials echoe the original natural elements by playing with tints, opacities and transparencies. The project entitled « Memorial, history of a destroyed city » is expanding around the ruins of the ancient Kasbah in Agadir. The project is not built. This constitutes an activist gesture aimed at making inhabitants more sensitive to heritage conservation. All the projects represent inventive, poetic and relevant answers within the great contextual diversity of Arab countries.

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